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Experiencing Swamy Desika -- #26

Shrimate Shri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha:
Shrimate Shri Seetha Ramachandra Parabrahmane Namaha:
Shrimate Shri Ramanujaya Namaha:
Shrimate Nigamantha Maha Desikaya Namaha:
Shrimate Shrivan Satagopa Shri Narayana Yateendra Mahadesikaya Namaha:

Stotra Rathna, containing 65 slokas, is the first of
its kind in our Vaishnavism giving us the essence and
as rightly claimed is a gem among stotras. In the
Stotra Rathna Shri Alavandar has defined the nature of
our Lord, his attributes and has enjoyed the beauty.
Shri Alavandar brings out the three tatwas, viz.,
Chit, Acit and Iswara as seen by Shri Parasara in the
Shri Vishnu Purana.

Shri Alavandar's deep understanding and bound-less
Acharya Bhakthi brought out Prapatti in this soul
stirring stotram.

As seen in our posting of yesterday, let us enjoy
few more parallels between our Swami and Shri Alavandar
and towards this let us take the penultimate stotra
in the Stotra Rathna

"Nanu prapannas sakrudeva nadha
Tavahamasmidhicha yaachamanaha
Tavanukampya smarataha pratignyam
Madeka varjam kimitam vratam tey ?"

In the above stotram, Shri Alavandar prays to
Sriya:Pathi, for protection. Towards this
Shri Alavandar quotes our Lord's declaration in
his Ramavathara, where he had declared that
anyone surrendering to him will be protected.

Shri Alavandar states that since he has now
approached the Lord for protection, the Lord
should give him "Abhaya" as the Lord's
pratignya does not exclude me [Shri Alavandar].

Our Swami reflects similar sentiments in the
45th sloka of Saranagati Deepika:

"yam poorvamaashitajaneshu BavAn yaTavat
 Dharmam param praNijagau swayamaanushasyam ! ...."

Swami Desika in the sloka, incorporates Sita devi's words,

"Aanrushamsyam parodharma: tvatta yeva mayA shuta:"

In this Swami says that Piratti Sita Devi has said
"compassion is the highest among Dharmas and I have
heard it from you [the Lord] only"

Swami, as quoted says, "My Lord! a helpless being
like me is standing before you, reminding you of
your pratingya and you, Shri Rama, are known for
your truth and uprightness. Please protect me!"

Swami Desika's other slokas like MitraBavena samprAptam...
and sakrudevaprapannaya are also on the same lines!

Shri Alavandar in the last line of the above mentioned
Stotra Ratna sloka asks - "Madeka varjam kimitam vratam tey ?"
what is this vow of yours which takes in the whole
world and leaves out me alone?

In the very next sloka [46th Sloka of Saranagati Deepika],
Swami Desika thinks of forbearance, the Great quality of
the Lord, and hopes that in his case also it will help
to pardon if not over look his sins. Swami Desika says
there is no reason why he alone should be an exception
to the rule of reprieve.

This gives an amazing feel when you look at the
similarities of thought between Swami Desika and
Shri Alavandar. be continued!

AlavandAr tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

dEsikan tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

Praveena nAmni Ramanuja dasi