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Experiencing Swamy Desika -- #81

Shrimate Shri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha:
Shrimate Shri Seetha Ramachandra Parabrahmane Namaha:
Shrimate Shri Ramanujaya Namaha:
Shrimate Nigamantha Maha Desikaya Namaha:
Shrimate Shrivan Satagopa Shri Narayana Yateendra Mahadesikaya Namaha:

"SrimAn VenaktanAthArya: kavithArkika kEsarI!
VedAnthAchArya varyO mE sannidhatthAM sadhA hrudhi"!!

Swami Desika who compressed the 24000 verses of the
Great epic and gave us Paramaarthastuti in just 10 verses
has rendered 1000 Slokas on the pAduka of our Lord. We
are in short of words to explain Swami's overall talents.
Swami says just as how sIta pirAtti was instrumental in
Sage vAlmiki bringing out the charitram so also paadhuka
itself was instrumental in Swami composing this great sahasram!

A special mention needs to be made as to how our
Swami brought in the Paadukaa Sahasram. A devotee said
that he would compose 1000 Slokas on Sri RanganAthas
thiruvadi with the title paadakamala sahasram.The devotee
questioned swami if it was possible for him to compose
thousand Hymns on the Holy Lotus feet of the Lord. Swami
performed nychyAnusandhAnam and said that he was an akinchanan
and can sing only on the paadukas which are below Lords feet
and composed the thousand on the holy sandals of the Lord.
This was the birth of extraordinary paaduka sahasram containing
information's about pAduka and about Alvar (Alvar was an amsam
of Paaduka).

Swami wrote Paadukasahasram in just one yaama. However it is
interesting to note that each verse has abundance of meanings,
which may take us years and years to comprehend and fully enjoy.

Swami himself states that in the third yaama these Slokas
poured out of his mouth like the leaves of a mango tree
which would fall down when blown by a strong breeze!
Swami adds that the reason for the Slokas to flow from his
mouth was because of the touch of the paadhuka on his head (shatAri).

Swami exclaims that he is not able to comprehend the greatness
of pAdhuka. Swami explains that there is a slight possibility to
explain the greatness of the paaduka only if the sky was the writing
paper, sea was ink and the person who speaks of the greatness was
none other than the Lord himself with thousand heads!!!

Swami states that even if he composes hundred thousand Slokas on
pAdhuka, it would still be an insignificant part of the Greatness
of paadhuka! This reveals to us that there is nothing to be amazed
by Swami's capability of composing 1000 Slokas, Swami unlimited
capabilities could have given us hundred thousand or even much more...

Swami gives us a reason as to why elders bear only the pAduka on
their head, leaving behind Adisheshan, Garudan and others. Swami
clarifies that it is because paaduka is greater than the above

Even the Lord washes his ThirupAdam before placing them on the
paaduka. When this is the case, how to speak of paaduka's greatness?

Speaking of dependency, Swami says that the Devas are dependent on
Rudra and Rudra depends on Brahma. Brahma in turn is dependent on Lord.
Now Swami goes to the extent of stating that the Lord himself is
dependent on paaduka => such is paadukas greatness!!

"Kavi Taarkika Simhaaya Kalyaana guna SaalinE!
SrimatE VenkateshAya VedAnta Gurave nama !!"

...To be continued!

dEsikan tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

Praveena nAmni Ramanuja dasi