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Shrimate Shri Lakshmi Nrusimha Parabrahmane Namaha:
Shrimate Shri Seetha Ramachandra Parabrahmane Namaha:
Shrimate Shri Ramanujaya Namaha:
Shrimate Nigamantha Maha Desikaya Namaha:
Shrimate Shrivan Satagopa Shri Narayana Yateendra Mahadesikaya Namaha:

"SrimAn VenaktanAthArya: kavithArkika kEsarI!
VedAnthAchArya varyO mE sannidhatthAM sadhA hrudhi"!!

In the previous posting we saw Swami Desika establishing that our Lord demonstrated his supremacy beyond controversies only in the TrivikramAvatARam.

Swami now says that there is nothing to wonder at how our Lord measured the worlds by his three steps because there is something much more interesting to wonder about!!!

Our Lord had been growing so fast and became extremely huge when he measured the worlds. We saw this in our 56th Posting.

Now, how does one define the fact that our Lord could find room in a small place along with the Mudal Alvars when he had scaled the entire universe in his TrivikramAvatAra!!!

"Chitram na tat trishu mitAni padEshu yat tE
vishvAnyamooni bhuvanAni vishankatEshu !
bhaktai: samam kvachidasau bhavanaikadEshE
mAti sma moortiramitA tadihAdbutam na: !!"

-- dEhaleesa stuti (9)

Swami wonders how our Lord who took cosmic proportions transfers himself to a tiny form compressed into a dEhali. This dEhali was sufficient for just one person to sleep, 2 people to sit and a maximum of 3 to stand! There were already three devotees in the dEhali. The dEhali was not even sufficient for them to stand comfortably, they had to huddle together.

Our Lords tirumEni entered into such a small place. Our Lord who had exhibited his supremacy in his TrivikramAvatARam shows his sowlabyam by entering into this small place just for the sake of his devotees. Swami Desika enjoys this adbuta rasa and says that in front of this great wonder - exhibiting our Lords sowlabyam, that feet of measuring the cosmos by two broad strides which completely covered it all, dwindles into insignificance!

Swami Desika has enjoyed similar adbutam rasa in VaradarAja Panchasat.

"bAlAkrutErvatapalAshamitasya yasya
tasyaiva tadvarada hanta katham prabhootam
vArAhamAsthitavathoo vapuradbutam tE !!"

-- VaradarAja Panchasat (22)

When the Lord was a small baby, lying on a banyan leaf, the entire cosmos was confined to a small portion of the Lords stomach. This itself is an adbutam!

Our Lord's VarAhA avatArA was so huge that the mount Meru was a pebble in the anklet on one of the feet of Lord VarAhA! So, when Lord took the VarAhA avatAram, how did the cosmos become so big as to carry the huge VarAhA? This is another adbutam!

Now, if the cosmos is bigger than Lord's tirumEni, how is it that the entire cosmos was confined to a small portion of the Lords stomach when the Lord was a small baby, lying on a banyan leaf? If the cosmos is smaller than Lords tirumEni, how is it that the VarAhA tirumEni, which is many times bigger than the cosmos carry it?

Swami is wonder-stuck with these great miracles which happen only due to our Lords exclusive powers!!!

On one hand we see our infinitely huge Lord Trivikrama, shrink to a tiny form, and on the other the infinitely small Lord growing immeasurably huge in the VarAhA avatArA!!!

Each of these is an adbutam in its own way !!!

"Kavi Taarkika Simhaaya Kalyaana guna SaalinE!
SrimatE VenkateshAya VedAnta Gurave nama !!"

...To be continued!

dEsikan tiruvaDigaLE SaraNam

Praveena nAmni Ramanuja dasi
12th Aug 1999