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Srimathe ramanujaya namah:
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Sri Ranganatha Paadhuka Sahasram


Sri Ranganatha Paadhuka Sahasram, 1008 Shlokams of this magnificent work by Swami Desikan are set in 32 Paddhatis. The Paddhatis are organized as follows. (This is reproduced from U.Ve. Sri Vedanta Desikan Swamin's book)

Introduction to Paadhuka Sahasram

Verses 1-20: Prasthaava paddhathi
2. Verses 21-30: How Paaduka is appropriately referred to as Sataari or Satakopam
3. Verses 31-100: Greatness of Paaduka
4. Verses 101-120: Rama had pledged Paaduka to Bharata as surety for return
5. Verses 121-140: Return of Paaduka to Ayodhya with Bharata
6. Verses 141-180: Assumption of Power
7. Verses 181-210: Coronation of the Paaduka
8. Verses 211-240: Reinstatement at Rama's feet after 14 years
9. Verses 241-250: Poets and Panegyrists sing Paaduka's praise
10. Verses 251-260: Love-play between Paaduka Devi and Lord Rama
11. Verses 261-320: The Lord strolls with the Paadukas on
12. Verses 321-350: Oblations with flowers
13. Verses 351-380: Potency of dust from the Paadukas
14: Verses 381-480: On the melody of Paaduka walking
15: Verses 481-530: Gems as a totality-Distan view
16: Verses 531-580: Varieties of gems present together emitting spectra-Near view
17. Verses 581-610: The lustre of the ruby
18. Verses 611-660: On pearls in the Paaduka
19. Verses 661-680: On the emerald gems
20. Verses 681-710: On the sapphire beauty
21. Verses 711-730: Objects reflected in the Paadukas lustrous surface
22. Verses 731-750: Gold Paadukas
23. Verses 751-760: Paaduka exhibiting its status of subservience. Also the incarnation of Adisesha
24. Verses 761-780: The twin-Paaduka and its speciality
25. Verses 781-800: Shape and beauty of the Paaduka
26. Verses 801-810: The knob in each Paaduka
27. Verses 811-820: On the streaks on the Paaduka
28. Verses 821-830: The maxims of conduct that the Paaduka implies
29. Verses 831-910: Miscellaneous aspects
30. Verses 911-950: Chitra Paddhati which emphasizes a suitable fitting matrix of artistry-a speciality of Oriental poetry
31. Verses: 951-970: Words in disgust, in humility; entreating about one's pitiable plight
32. Verse 971-1008: Rewards for havung composed of the work and for recitation of the same