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Recent Updates to Swamy Desika Page
June 2000

Now Sri Visistadvaitha Tutorial is available on-line.

November 1999

All 108 divya desam pictures have been put into this site. Still more things will be added shortly. Please visit this 108 divya desam tour.

October 1999

Swamy desika's excellent work of Padhuka Sahasram pages have been added. Please don't forget to read and learn a sloka and meaning of this beautiful 1008 slokas by daily a sloka starting from Oct 14, 1999.

September 1999

In the 108 divya desam picture gallary, divya desams #13-36 have been added.

In the Abhimana Desams and Purana Desams picture gallary, two abhimana desams (Madhuranthakam and Vaduvoor) and three purana desams (Melkot, RajaMannargudi and Srimushnam) have been added.

In 'Experiencing Swamy Desika' Postings #103-108 and the acknowledgments has been added.