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srimathe ramanujaaya namah:
srimathe nigamantha mahadesikaya namah:

2. Vaduvoor

PERUMALMoolavar Chakravarthi Thirumagan (Rama) with Seetha and Lakshmana on both side, facing east, standing posture.
THAYARMoolavar Seetha piratti
Theertham Pudhu river

At this place, Perumal's idol (moorthy) is very beautiful. Devotees can enjoy the beauty and soulabyam of this perumal. Since this place is very famous for Sri Ramapiran, it is also called as Southern Ayodhya. One more notable point is that, very near to this place at Mannargudi, Rajagopalaswamy (Sri krishna) perumal temple is there. Devotees visiting this side, can enjoy both SriRama and SriKrishna Avatara mahimas here.

Route few kms from Tanjavur on the Tanjavur - Mannargudi - Vaduvoor bus route.

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