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(of Padhuka Sahasram)

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Swamy Vedantha Desika's

Sri Ranganatha Padhuka Sahasram

After composing many sthuthis on BhagavAn and His Pirattis and creating many rahasya granthams , Swami Desikan concluded that the challenge set by a jealous Swami for him to compose 1,000 slOkams of Sri Ranganatha Padhuka Sahasram in one night time period was nothing but Sri RanganAthA's niyamanam to him to compose a grantham eulogizing NammAzhwAr, His Paadhukhai.


Please be blessed to have a darshan of Yathis providing aseervandhams to our padhuka web page.

Please don't forget to read and enjoy the important Yantra Slokam which delivers the essence of Sri Padhuka Sahasram, and also the mantra siddhi of padhuka sloka japam.

Let us learn and enjoy one Padhuka Sloka each day.

Please feel free to add / read open comments about this PADHUKA site, Thanks.

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These pages are created and mainatined by Sri. Achutharaman uner the valued guidance and help from Sri. U.Ve. V.Sadagopan, Sri. Muralidhar Rangaswamy, and Sri. Madavakkannan